Our Teachers

L Johnson
Ms. LaTonya Johnson
5th-8th Grade SPED

Welcome to the Redemptorist St. Gerard Family! My name is LaTonya Johnson and I am the Special Education Teacher. I have been in the Department of Special Education for 16 years and an advocate for meeting the needs for our future leaders despite their disabilities. I have educated and provided resource services for students with varies special needs such as: cognitive, physical, autism, and specific learning impairment.

Teaching is not a job; it’s a MISSION! I am a graduate from Ashford University. I enjoy teaching, collaborating with my team, and seeing the wonderful smiles entering my room ready to grow their brains! Our staff is AMAZING who strives to make sure ALL students succeed and receive love! During my free time, I love traveling, reading, bowling, shopping, volunteering at community centers and homeless shelters.

Children are looking for an individual who is willing to mentor, coach, and set high expectations in order to bring the greatness out of them. That’s ME! My passion is to educate our future leaders to become successful academically, emotionally, and socially. I want to continue to inspire and impact children, and support parents through effective communication to help your child achieve their goals. My goal is to challenge their abilities to become creative thinkers, improve performance, provide a sense of warmth, engagement, and have a desire to learn in a fun, positive, and safe environment. It’s a wonderful blessing and honor to embrace our children to help prepare them for their long-life journey. I look forward to a rewarding year at Redemptorist!