Flood Donation To Our School

Flood Donation To Our School

24% Donated of $25,000
No Days left to achieve target

The students, faculty and administration would love to have your support as we move the school toward excellence.

The school started August 8th. Due to the massive rains and flooding around our school, we closed Friday, August 12 and re-opened Monday, August 22.

Many students and families lost everything and we are still assisting teachers and students get to school to continue the journey we began. Your donation will provide gift cards to families for clothing, shoes, electrical fans to combat the September heat and humidity of Baton Rouge, home repair support, uniform replacement, aftercare support to parents needing a safe environment while they find transportation to school, and food/snacks for students to eat. We are preparing plans to support the approach of winter with a coat/glove/scarf drive.

Our families and the nearby community are still being offered access to computers to complete insurance, flood relief (FEMA) paperwork, and also give them mental, spiritual and emotional guidance to better care for themselves and the students we serve under their guardianship.

We were covered by the blood of Jesus and sustained moderate water damages to one carpeted classroom on the main floor, one Pre-K classroom on the first floor, ceiling repairs in the gym and Guardian Angel shelter and both ceiling and tile repair to four classrooms, faculty bathroom and storage room above the cafeteria which is our middle school wing (called the Notre Dame building). Luckily we had some empty rooms to make into extra classrooms but we are running out of space as we wait on the necessary repairs.

After his fall, man was not abandoned by God. On contrary, God calls him in a mysterious way heralds the coming victory over evil and his restoration from his fall.

Catechism of the Catholic Church