Our Teachers

Ms. Catherel Barber
7th Grade

Description and Goals for the Year:

Social Studies: Students will learn their roles and responsibilities in relation to social and civic affairs.

The primary goals outlined for the 2016-2017 school year include:

1) Students will develop critical thinking abilities that address societal and global concerns 2) Students will participate competently and productively as concerned citizens, using technology and other identifiable information and community resources.

English Language Arts

During the 2016-2017 school year, English scholars will thrive in a learning environment that develops their skills in writing, speaking, listening and reading.

1) Students will engage in weekly writing activities to develop their writing skills 2) Students will use a variety of speaking techniques to communicate effectively 3) Students will demonstrate appropriate listening behaviors to respond to oral communication 4) Students will identify and apply reading strategies to comprehend text.

Summary of Qualifications

 An accomplished educator in Post-Secondary, Secondary and Elementary School levels.

 Possess a natural propensity in engaging and motivating students, youth and adults whether

 Teaching highlights include but not limited to Reading, English-Language Arts, Social Studies and History

 Equipped to administer various evaluative and assessment tools in determining mastery of concepts

 Establish and maintain a positive and safe learning environment by enforcing school and classroom

 Demonstrate competency in the use of instructional technology and other educational tools to


Master of Arts – 2005

Southern University A&M College

Baton Rouge, LA

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts Studies – 1982

Southern University A& M College

Baton Rouge, LA