Our Teachers

Ms. Jonavan Devold
Art, K-8th Grade

My story can be considered a cliché.

Growing up a native of New Roads Louisiana I was raised by two loving parents in a devoutly focused family. I have one sister and two brothers. I was the shy nerdy kid with a budding interest for the arts. You could always find me drawing the latest cartoons or doodling in my notebook. My interest only grew as I got older.

In high school I made most of my friends by drawing. It served as an icebreaker for me. All the other students would look in amazement of my work. After graduating from Pointe Coupee Central High I attended Southern University where initially majored in architecture. Although a career in architecture seemed so promising I changed my major after taking a few drawing classes. Southern University’s School of Visual Arts challenged me and cultivated my passion for art. I was introduced to different techniques in painting, sculpting, and computer graphics. I even had the opportunity to have my work in art shows and exhibits in Louisiana.

If art would be considered my lifelong passion, then teaching would be considered my new found passion. Some would believe that art requires talent but I believe it’s a skill. Skills are something that can be taught and developed over a certain amount of time. In order to be successful in anything takes time on task, practice, and the will to pursue it. This is one of the many important lessons I will teach in my class.