August News

WolfPack Nation:

The Great Flood of 2016 interrupted our lives but we are a faithful and resilient family!  We are working to prepare the school for the happy and safe return of our scholars.

We understand and empathize with you and our scholars in wanting to return to the normalcy of life we had for four days, August 8-11 prior to the first school closure. Thank you for quickly getting to safety when we closed on Friday morning.

Although we usually follow the civil parish lead, we have been given permission from our superintendent, Dr. Melanie Verges, to make individual school decisions for re-opening.

Our goal is to open Monday, August 22, as mentioned in text and e-mail SchoolCast blasts sent earlier this week.  Many of our teachers and staff were devastated by the flood and are dealing with some of the same issues you are having so we understand. We are a compassionate family and we want to support each other.

The available faculty and staff met with me on Tuesday, August 16, and will meet with me again on Friday, August 19, to assess our ability to provide for the safe, efficient and healthy learning environment we instituted on the first day of school.

We will be allowing students, faculty and staff to dress down the week of school re-opening in case SchoolTime can not support the large number of requests for new uniforms. Please come in uniform if you have them.

The parent/student handbooks given prior to the storm are in the process of being duplicated and our goal is to have new ones available at our Open House on Wednesday, August 24.

I have offered to host some displaced students from within other Diocesan schools considering our student population numbers prior to the flood.

If you are willing to help prepare the school and earn volunteer hours, we have come up with a few immediate requests for Friday and Saturday:

  • copying and binding of new handbooks
  • creating and organizing school supply care packages
  • moving donated books and materials to classrooms
  • fielding calls and front office assistance with Ms. Mosby
  • used uniform store clothing need organizing for you to get for your scholars
  • sweeping, vacuuming and dusting classrooms
  • hanging bulletin boards, whiteboards and decor
  • hugs, small talk and smiles over coffee/water

We are family. We are strong. We work together for the greater good.

We are the WolfPack!


Principal Carmouche